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Clemson’s Aidan Knaak Dominant in 2 hit Shutout of Miami Hurricanes

In a showcase of raw talent, freshman pitcher Aidan Knaak left his imprint on the mound at Mark Light Field, leading No. 2 Clemson to a sweeping 7-0 victory against the Miami Hurricanes. The enthralling performance by the right-hander on Saturday fortified Clemson’s already sturdy reputation, echoing through the stands as the Tigers claimed their first series win at Miami since the unforgettable summer of 2006.

Riding on the back of a relentless 10-strikeout spree courtesy of Knaak, Clemson not only dominated the game but also etched a memorable chapter in their storied legacy, flexing a prowess that has seen them conquer weekend series after series – 14 regular-season runs of triumphs dating back to the previous year.

With a hometown crowd of Fort Myers, Florida, eagerly watching, Knaak (2-0) delivered a masterclass that set a new personal best for innings pitched and strikeouts. Demonstrating control that would make seasoned professionals tip their hats, he restricted the Hurricanes to a mere two hits, allowing no runner past second base and walking just one.

As the game unfurled under the Saturday sun, Clemson’s offensive armory displayed deadly efficiency. A pivotal infield single by Jacob Hinderleider turned into a three-run blessing thanks to a costly Miami error. The hits kept coming, with Hinderleider and Cam Cannarella driving in crucial runs – a testimony to the Tigers’ multifaceted threat that extends far beyond their bullpen.

Miami starter Herick Hernandez (2-3) struggled to find an answer to Clemson’s offensive onslaught, conceding seven hits and seven runs, with three of them unearned, over 5.1 innings of toil.

The post-game narrative was undeniable respect for Clemson’s pitching staff, which seems to pulse with outstanding potential.

“Our pitching staff showed their true potential this weekend,” said Bakich. “They pounded they strike zone and Aidan Knaak really finished the weekend off well.”

Coach Erik Bakich

Looking ahead, the victorious Tigers set their sights on an encounter with USC Upstate at Fluor Field. Despite being nominal visitors, they carry with them the audacity and flair of champions, with anticipation brewing for Tuesday’s clash which will air on ESPN+ at 6 p.m.

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